Clinical Randomization leaves nothing to chance

Clinical randomization avoids selection bias, to ensure comparability between different groups and legitimize the use of statistical tests.

ATLANSTAT offers a set of services to manage the randomization process and study product allocation using the same data management tool CLINSIGHT (ENNOV editor).

  • Consulting on the choice of the most appropriate randomization scheme (method, design, stratification factors ...)
  • Generating and Validating randomization lists
  • Providing a secure IWRS interface (Interactive Web Response System)
    • Allowing quick and easy access (no installation and / or software purchase is necessary)
    • Providing an intuitive and ergonomic shape to limit investigator entry errors
    • Adapting to specifics study requirements (inclusion / exclusion, randomization procedures and allocation processes, ....)
    • Tracing (via an audit trail) all actions within the tool (21 CFR Part 11)
    • Providing progress advancement reports
    • Enabling continual availability via a hotline